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Curated Events, Networking Opportunities, and Local Visits

Season Kick Off Dinner & Afterparty
1 December '23
Join us for the Cape Connect Season Kick-Off Dinner at Our Local, your golden ticket to immerse yourself in our dynamic community of founders, investors, and to meet our team for a fantastic evening.

What’s on the menu? Valuable connections, a delicious dinner, great music from our DJs, and an afterparty to top if off.
VC Brunch
22 December '23
Join us for our VC lunch experience and enjoy a delicious meal and make new connections in the heart of Cape Town.  

Network with local fund managers as well as European founders, investors, and industry key players.
Sail Away Soirée
Start the New Year in style aboard the Cape Connect Sail Away Soirée.

Beats, rosé, and a group of fantastic individuals building connections on a private yacht.
Ecosystem Deep Dive Tour
19 January '24
South Africa has a budding startup ecosystem with a strong focus on innovation and social impact.

Join us for a deep dive into the local ecosystem, including meeting the incredible local changemakers and entrepreneurs in Khayelitsha.

Share what you've learned and make an impact on a fellow entrepreneur's journey.
Sundowners Evening
25 January '24
Join us for a night of vibrant entertainment, culinary delights and networking opportunities at our private villa party.

Immerse yourself in a group of esteemed entrepreneurs, dance to local artists and make new connections at an exclusive venue.

Members are welcome to continue on from the Eco-system Deep Dive Tour or join separately.

Wine & Venture Summit
1 February '24
Where Africa and Europe meet to exchange knowledge, experiences, and learnings.

This day is unlike your typical conference.

Envision deep, enriching conversations, incredible scenery, music and South Africa's best wines and cuisines.

Wine & Venture Summit is about meeting the right people, sharing the right moment, and seizing the opportunities that unfold.
Season's Finale Fling
Late February '24
To close the season with a bang, we'll be hosting our "Season's Finale Fling" cocktail party.

Celebrate the great connections and friendships you've made in our community this summer and send off the season together in style.

Just arrived in Cape Town? You are still welcome to join and meet the Cape Connect family!
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